March is MS Awareness Month 

How much do you know about MS?

I decided with it being MS Awareness Month I would share a great website I follow it’s called Positive Living With MS by Penelope Conway the link is below. Penelope has some great facts, advice and info on MS some of which I have used below. MS effects everyone differently and I relate to most of these at one time or another, sometimes simultaneously!

Today is the first day of MS awareness month and I feel proud that I am posting this on the first day, now it’s time for a nap….it’s 7:48am and I’ve been up since 4am ahh the joys of MS.

An Illustrated View of Multiple Sclerosis

courtesy of Positive Living with MS

MS Fact #1: Fatigue
MS Fact #2: Walking difficulties
MS Fact #3: Spasticity
MS Fact #4: Numbness
MS Fact #5: Vision Problems
MS Fact #6: Dizziness & vertigo
MS Fact #7: Bladder & bowel problems
MS Fact #8: Cognitive difficulties
MS Fact #9: Pain
MS Fact #10: Swallowing problems
MS Fact #11: Heat & cold intolerance
MS Fact #12: Speech problems
MS Fact #13: Emotional changes
MS Fact #14: Itching
MS Fact #15: Tremors
MS Fact #16: Breathing problems
MS Fact #17: Hearing loss
MS Fact #18: Sexual problems
MS Fact #19: Headaches
MS Fact #20: Seizures



13 thoughts on “March is MS Awareness Month 

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  2. Thank you so much for sharing this information! Living in Colorado with its high rate of MS and having a sister-in-law with the disease, I am all too familiar with this disabling ailment and it’s many evil faces. Here’s hoping your experiences with it are never too severe.

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    • Thank you for the comment. Today was a horrible day which I will be blogging about in a bit. MS is a terrible disease. Canada has the highest rate of MS with over 100,000 people suffering with it. I see Colorado has a high rate too:(

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      • It seems to go hand in hand with northern latitudes. I’m so sorry you’re having a rough go. Education is critical so that everyone learns how to function and handle this terrible disease. Healing thoughts flowing your way. ~ ღonika & Sam 🐾

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