If you sniffed out my blog you are one smart cookie……. Cookie did someone say cookie?

I’m Nugget and this is my blog; well my mom writes it and she writes about some other stuff too, but really the blog is all about me.

I just turned 2 in February. I have mom and dad wrapped around my paw. It’s pretty easy cause I’m so cute. I sleep on the couch, I sleep in their bed. I have 5 beds of my own but there on the floor and who wants to sleep on the floor?

I love playing with rope toys, sticks, leaves, and balls. I can’t get enough of these things I chew them up, mom throws them out and then mom and dad go and buy more, I don’t even ask for them they just appear, it’s that whole wrapped around my paw thing:)

Mom makes my food everyday because who wants to eat dry kibble, she says it’s because I have allergies but really I just want tasty human food so I get pork, veggies, & some kibble thrown in cause I have to give them a bone once in a while.

She also makes all of my dog treats and I am the CTT that stands for Chief Taste Tester. I take my job very seriously. Check out the tasty treats mom has made for me in the tab marked Homemade Dog Treats.



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